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SSA Information

Social Security Disability FAQs
A list of common questions and answers well written and copyrighted by NOSSCR past president Charles T. Hall, Esq., located at the NOSSCR website.

SSA Handbook
SSA's own summary of the most common and helpful information about all its programs.

Michigan SSA Offices
This SSA site list of Michigan SSA offices is not always up to date. The fax numbers stay stable but many field offices regularly change their public access phone numbers, thus limiting public access. You can fax your local office or send a message through SSA's toll free number (1-800-772-1213 or TTY 1-800-324-0778). Personal assistance is available through SSA's toll free number, 7 to 7 EST, weekdays except holidays. The voice mail system routes you according to the most common problem or information areas and recorded messages are available 24 hours a day. Click here to locate SSA offices nationally.

Set Up Your Own Social Security Account Online
You can request a copy of your personal earnings and benefit estimate summary (PEBES) on line. It will be mailed to you in about 2-3 weeks.You can evaluate your earnings record for correctness and get an estimate of how much your retirement or disability benefit would be. If you think you may be leaving the workforce due to disability sometime soon, just enter your future years' earnings as "zero" and your current age as your retirement age to get an estimate of your disability benefit based on your current record. If you have filed for disability benefits already, for some unknown reason the PEBES will not give you a disability benefit figure.

You can view SSA information on who is eligible for Medicare and general information about Medicare benefits, including the new prescription plan, at SSA's website. For the latest Medicare handbook, which includes details on Medicare HMOs in Michigan, contact the Medicare help center at 1.800.633.4227 8:30 to 4:30 on weekdays. Staff can also help with questions and refer you to the state Medicare administration if needed.

Here is information on the latest Medicare premium costs, SSI rates and income limitations, and earnings limits for the disabled and retired.

SSA Program Rules
This is a page of links to SSA law, regulations, policies and internal guidelines.

SSA Red Book on Work Programs
This is SSA's guide to current return to work rules and regulations for both SSDI and SSI recipients. Because SSA sends you pamphlets on return to work programs when you first receive your disability benefits, you may be found at fault if SSA keeps sending you checks after your benefits should have stopped. The rationale is that you should have known the additional checks were not yours to keep. This can result in a hefty overpayment. Studying the "Red Book" can help avoid return to work overpayment problems. We would also suggest making copies of work documentation you send to SSA. Keep your original receipts for employment related expenses used on your income tax schedule C to reduce your 1099 gross or self employment income. Keep original receipts for any out of pocket medical expenses or disability related special equipment you need to enable you to work. SSA will need information such as this to help evaluate whether your benefits continue or end if you perform work activity while receiving benefits.

SSA Blue Book
This is SSA's Guide to evaluating the medical basis of disability. Individuals who meet the criteria for a listed impairment are automatically found medically disabled. Many of the criteria require there be "significant" or "marked" findings or functional limitations associated with  impairments.  A judgment as to what is significant or not can vary among SSA decision makers. If medical evidence does not clearly show a person's impairments meet or equal those of a listed impairment, SSA must then determine if a case can be allowed on medical and vocational factors.

Medical Vocational Guidelines and Transferable Skills
This is a technical but excellent summary by Administrative Law Judge Dennis G. Katz explaining the Social Security disability sequential evaluation process. Medical and vocational factors interact to direct certain conclusions when a person's health problems alone do not meet SSA's listed medical impairment criteria.

If you become disabled and unable to work, there are resources below that may help you.

• Find Your Local Social Security Office         

• Find a Healthcare Plan for You

Request Your Michigan Birth Certificate

Show or send (they do mail them back) an original or certified birth certificate to SSA for your benefits to be processed; photocopies are not accepted.

Contact either your Michigan County Records Office or the Michigan Community Health Department in Lansing for information about requesting your Michigan birth certificate. Those born in Detroit can contact the Herman Keifer Health Department for information. If you were born in another state, contact its vital records department.

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Family Independence Agency

This agency administers programs such as food stamps, state disability benefits, state medical assistance, and Medicaid programs. They offer a wealth
of information.


Michigan Rehabilitation Services

This 70-year-old agency's mission is to assist individuals who have a mental or physical handicap with services needed to obtain or keep a job. While counseling is always free, other services may be provided based on the client's financial needs, budget and program constraints, and counselor recommendations.

Services may be as simple as providing a hearing aid to assisting with a college education. MRS also helps both employees and employers with information about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. Individuals receiving SSI or SSDI are always given service priority.

Michigan Commission for the Blind

This agency provides employability and independent living assistance through counseling, equipment, and services to Michiganders who are blind or have poor vision.

Michigan Mental Health Network

This site lists mental health care providers and support groups for Southeast and Central Michigan.

Michigan Workers' Compensation

The bureau website includes information on rights, responsibilities, and regulations pertaining to workers' compensation in Michigan. Also, The Michigan State AFL-CIO publishes an excellent summary, "Workers' Compensation Rights," available from the MI AFL-CIO, 419 Washington Square South, Suite 200, Lansing, Michigan, 48933.

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Michigan Insurance Commission

This commission oversees insurance sales and claims adjusting in Michigan. Consumers can make inquiries about their rights and file complaints with the commission in matters involving long- and short-term employers, private insurance benefits, health insurance, and no-fault auto accident insurance matters. The site includes a link to the Michigan no-fault auto law.

A verbal inquiry about no-fault benefits is not the same as a written claim for wage loss, medical care, medical transportation, replacement service, or vocational rehabilitation benefits. There is a one-year statute of limitations on filing claims and appealing denials with few exceptions. If you wait until year three to file for wage loss or medical treatment mileage, you may only be paid for the 12 months before your claim. In Michigan, your wage loss benefits can be reduced by federal benefits such as S.S. disability.

Veterans' Services

Find information about emergency assistance, tuition grants, and other programs through the state of Michigan. This site also contains links to county
veterans' offices

County Veteran Services

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